Transparentní lekári Príjmy lekárov od farmaceutických firiem pod drobnohľadom

What is conflict of interest??

A conflict of interest doesn’t automatically mean that the doctor isn’t acting in the patient’s best interests. A doctor’s conflict of interest is a situation in which objectivity toward the patient can be endangered by the doctor’s personal interest. Usually, however, collaboration between medical staff and pharmaceutical companies is legitimate and useful: doctors participate in medical research, or educate themselves at congresses. Despite this, they indiscriminately keep on being accused of unfair practice in prescribing medicine.

About project

The main goal of this portal is to objectively and clearly inform the public about the relations between doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

Aiming to increase transparency, the Slovak Ministry of Health introduced the idea of publishing information about relations between doctors and pharmaceutical companies in 2011. However, the information is diluted into the websites of three different institutions, which disempowers the patient in search of it. Our portal brings forward a unified source of information about the relations between and pharmaceutical companies. The database allows one to look for information by name or the doctor’s workplace, name of the pharmaceutical company, or the nature of collaboration between the doctor and the pharmaceutical company.

We believe that the increased amount of information about interactions between medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies will help increase the public’s trust in both doctors and companies, that it will motivate doctors and pharmaceutical companies to publish information in a higher quality, and that it will also bring attention to the need of a change of the legislation dealing with conflict of interest in healthcare.


This portal is based primarily on open data published by doctors and pharmaceutical companies because of the current legislation. However, the data is in many cases of poor quality, which is why a part of the information was supplemented based on our communication with pharmaceutical companies and state institutions.

The data we’ve worked with is:

The portal contains data about the relations between pharmaceutical companies and doctors for the period December 1, 2011 – April 19, 2013. We aim to update the data regularly.

All the databases can be downloaded here.


The data is not complete and does not reflect possible conflicts of interest of all doctors active in Slovakia. The collected data has several limits:

In case of discovering discrepancies, please contact us at


The portal was created within the project Monitoring Transparency in Healthcare with the sponsorship of Bayer, Dôvera zdravotná poisťovňa, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis Slovakia, and sanofi - aventis Pharma Slovakia. Our thanks also belong to Oskar Dvořák, who collected the data, and to Peter Klátik, who designed and created the portal.

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